Keaton Rumbleyagrave

Quiet and honorable warrior, chief of Lady Trevelyan's military forces.


Class: Warrior Level: 6 Exp Points: 10000

Background: Fereldan Freeman
Age: 30 Gender: Male
Height: 1’95m Weight: 100kg
Hair colour: brown Eye colour: dark brown
Distinguishing features: Very strong man, quiet, short hair.

Speed: 8 Defence:13 Armour: 10 Penalty: -5
Armour Type: Heavy Plate Health: 65

Communication: 0
Constitution: 3 → Stamina
Cunning: 1 → Military Lore, Heraldry, Historical Lore
Dexterity: 3 → Riding
Magic: 0
Perception: 1
Strength: 3 → Bludgeons, Smithing
Willpower: 3 → Courage, Self-discipline

Class powers and spells
Double Hit stunt cost: 3 points.

Weapon Groups
Heavy Blades

Melee Weapons
Throwing Axes – Str – 1D6+2
Mace – Str – 2D6
Bastard Sword – Str – 2D6+1
Heavy Shield3 Def
Hakkon’s Fang (Veridium Longsword) – Str – 2D6
Glaive -Str – 2D6

Weapon and Shield Style – Novice
Throwing Weapon Style – Novice
Armour Training – Master
Specialization: Guardian – Novice

Languages: Common Tongue

Backpack, travelling clothes, waterskin.
Elven pendant (vhenallin)
Fine blacksmith material
Avvar’s cold rune

Money: 10 gold, 37 silver, 45 copper


Born in Ferelden, in a little town near the Frostback Mountains. His father taught him how to fight, and they made long trainings during winters at the mountains. When he was 17, his parents were killed by avvars raiders during an incursion in his town. Alone and thirsty of revenge, he decided to become stronger to avenge his parents someday. With that idea in mind, he started travelling around Thedas. Three years later, he ended up in Ostwick, at the Free Marches. There, he was hired by the Trevelyan family, a noble house. A few years later, he became the second in command of the Trevelyan’s army. After an incident with the youngest daughter of the Trevelyans – an incident Keaton ignores about -, she became the army commander. Kathryne Trevelyan came to be a great warrior and leader, and Keaton worked with her during long missions far away from Ostwick. The day came when the Trevelyans sent them to the Conclave at the Temple of the Sacred Ashes. And there is where the story began.


Keaton Rumbleyagrave

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