Fenrraor Darkhawk

Dalish elf who has a blood debt with Keaton, Malan and Oerik.


Class: Rogue Level: 6 Exp Points: 10000

Background: Dalish Elf
Age: 27 Gender: Male
Height: 1’80m Weight: 70kg
Hair colour: silvery Eye colour: jade green
Distinguishing features: he always wears a black neck gaiter that covers his mouth and nose.

Speed: 18 Defence:16*Armour:* 4 Penalty: 0
Armour Type: Light Leather Health: 54

Communication: 1
Constitution: 0
Cunning: 3 → Nature Lore
Dexterity: 6 → Light Blades, Stealth, Track, Acrobatics
Magic: -2
Perception: 5 → Spot, Hear
Strength: 3
Willpower: 1 →Courage

Class powers and spells
Rogue’s Armour
Stunt Bonus: Pierce Armour (1SP)
Stunt Bonus: That makes me wonder…. (2SP)

Specialization: Shadow
+1 Stealth traits. -1 to get hit.

Weapon Groups
Light Blades

Melee Weapons
2x Dagger – Dex – 1D6+1
2x Shortsword – Dex – 1D6+2

Ranged Weapons
Dalish Longbow – 26-52 yards – Reload: Minor Action

Scouting – Novice
Dual Weapon Style – Master

Languages: Elven and Trade Tongue

Backpack, travelling clothes, waterskin.1
100x Arrows

Money: 245 silver


The Inquisition Agents met Fenrraor during their first mission at Vintiver. Clan Yonwyn, his clan, was captured by a creature called Mythalen, but Fenrraor managed to create a distraction for her sister, Eshara, to escape the monster lair’s. The agents found Eshara deadly wounded, and after hearing the whole story, they decided to help her. Malan, Keaton and Oerik found the clan, and Fenrraor fought the creature with them. After the fray, Fenrraor was in debt with the agents by saving his sister, so he decided to travel with them during their missions. He departed in peace, as Malan stayed with his clan: the mage was in love with his sister, and he couldn’t just leave her. After Malan’s promise of taking care both his clan and his sister, Fenrraor departed with Oerik and Keaton to Heaven, the Inquisition base.

Hunter by nature, swift and deadly with light blades and daggers. He always hides his face under a cloth piece he has around his neck and up to his nose. The marks visible around his eyes and forehead are Andruil ones, elven goddess of the hunt. Tall and strong, although his appearance might look aggressive and suspicious, he’s a gentle and noble elf who will always fight for the ones he appreciate.



Fenrraor Darkhawk

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