Red Haired fury, pirate with no ship, warrior with no mercy.


Class: Warrior Level: 3 Exp Points: 7000

Background: Waking Sea Raider
Age: 24 Gender: Female
Height: 1’75m Weight: 75kg
Hair colour: ginger Eye colour: green
Distinguishing features: long and wavy hair, freckly, tanned skin. Impressive chest size.

Speed: 14 Defence:14 Armour: 7 Penalty: -3
Armour Type: Heavy Mail Health: 46

Communication: 3
Constitution: 3 → Drinking, Swimming
Cunning: 2 → Evaluation, Navigation
Dexterity: 4 → Acrobatics
Magic: 0
Perception: 1 → Searching
Strength: 4 → Heavy Blades, Climbing
Willpower: 2

Class powers and spells

Weapon Groups
Light Blades
Heavy Blades

Melee Weapons
2x Battle Axe – Str – 2D6
Two-handed Sword – Str – 3D6

Dual Weapon Style – Novice
Two-Handed Style – Journeyman

Languages: Rivaini and Trade Tongue

Backpack, travelling clothes, waterskin.
Sexy dress
Halla whistle

Money: 2 gold, 60 silver, 90 cupper


Time ago, a pirate from Rivain. She’s lost her ship (no one knows how), so she enlisted the Inquisition to gain money and rebuild it.

Apparently a sweet and delicate woman. Actually, an strong and furious warrior. She’s able to knock anyone down with a punch. Due to her clothes and armour, at a first sight anyone can tell she’s as muscular as she really is. She takes advantage about her breast size in any situation: many times it has granted her benefits and less problems than intended.



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