Voychek Neruda

Orlesian comte.


- I’ll pay 50 silver pieces to each of you for the service of two days or less. Well?

Class: Warrior
Age: 53
Gender: Male
Hair colour: gray
Eye colour: brown
Height: 1’68m


Comte Voychek Neruda is an angry man whose imperious personality and temper compensate for his short stature. As he’s in one of the lowest nobility ranks, Neruda is always trying to stand out and climb the social ladder, and the Orlesian civil war has multiplied his anxiety. Now, faced with a dawrkspawn incursion, Neruda has his blinders on. He is devoting all of his resources to expelling the invaders before they destroy his lands. He has little concern even for his own children, whom he believes are safe enough in the hands of a distant cousin and his steward.


Voychek Neruda

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