Orlesian mage and personal enchanter and adviser to Empress Celene.


- For those who value survival, sentimentality is not an option.

Class: Mage
Age: 38-40?
Gender: Female
Eye colour: dark brown
Height: 1’75m


When Empress Celene was crowned, she chose Vivienne as her court enchanter after a single meeting with her. While the position had always been regarded as little more than being a glorified court jester, Vivienne managed to turn it into an advisory position to the Empress despite the official ban prohibiting mages from holding political power. Nearly every fraternity clamored for her favor in hopes of having a representative at the empress’ ear. Her reputation kept growing after becoming Court Enchanter, and she was eventually given the moniker Madame de Fer, the Lady of Iron, a name that indicated her place as both a respected and feared member of the court. She was voted First Enchanter of Montsimmard at an age young enough to cause scandal. Vivienne is also connoisseur of fashion and was dubbed “the jewel of the high court of Orlais.”

After the Circles revolted Vivienne became the de facto leader of the Loyalists when she rallied those who took up arms against the mage rebels.

With the world thrown into chaos, she sees the Inquisition as the only group willing to stand against it and introduces herself by throwing them a party. Vivienne is extremely bitter and resentful at what she perceives as the selfish actions of the rebel mages. In her mind, they see only their own oppression and fail to consider the well-being of others outside the Circle of Magi, as well as the justifiably increased fear of magic in the populace and ranks of the Templar Order; a fear that she believes is now, by their actions and that of the Kirkwall Rebellion, greater than it ever was since the rise of the Tevinter Imperium.



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