Elven apostate hedge mage, and an expert on the Fade.


- I have seen things in my journeys that most can only dream of. Literally.

Class: Mage
Age: 35-36?
Gender: Male
Eye colour: blue
Height: 1’72m


Solas grew up in a small village. Before the events that lead to the Inquisition, he spent most of his life wandering the wilderness and although his pointed ears mark him as one of the Elvhen, he does not, however, recognise himself as a Dalish or a city elf. When not on the field with the Inquisitor, he prefers the quiet solace of his own company.

Despite having no contact with the Circle of Magi or any Dalish tutors (though he has had contact with clans during his travels), Solas taught himself how to master his magical abilities. Solas’ prime interest is in the Fade, happily spending his time dreaming in ancient ruins and learning all there is to learn about what dwells beyond the Veil rather than joining the current Mage-Templar War.

Fundamentally, Solas believes in cause and effect, wisdom as its own reward, and the inherent right of all free willed people to exist. Solas concludes that the many current conflicts in Thedas – mages against Templars, elves against humans, spirits against demons – are little more than the black-and-white reductionist dichotomies of others which has led to the many tragedies that have occurred up until now. Though he has made attempts to reach out to others—notably Dalish elves, towards whom he is skeptical—in the past to teach them what he has learned of the Fade, he has frequently been derided by both enemies and allies as a liar and a madman. This adds to the sometimes impression in others that Solas does not care about other elves, when in fact he merely fears there is no way to help them in their current state and has grown weary of not being heeded.

He provided exactly the information and tools the Inquisition required when they required it most, and his magical knowledge is both unusual and extremely useful. As an elf, Solas neither speaks like—nor sounds like—Dalish or City elves. Kitchen staff note he eats little but has peculiar requirements about tea. He is also frightfully good at Wicked Grace, Diamondback and chess.



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