Elder son of the Wolf-Mane Hold's thane.


- My father is there. I know him and his men went down this path. I can feel it.

Class: Warrior
Level: 3
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Hair colour: dark blond
Eye colour: blue
Height: 2’12m


Sigbrand is the eldest son of Gudrik and Helga, Wolf-Mane Hold’s thane. He’s well respected both as warrior and hunter by the people of his clan. Therefore, everyone follows any sort of plan or orders that come from him, although he knows it’ll be his sister Astrid the one that will become thane of the clan someday. Sigbrand doesn’t want to be a lider: he just does what he feels it’s alright.

Sigbrand is always seen with his loyal mabari hound Spike. He’s a strong grey war dog that will protect his master at any cost.




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