Yonwyn Dalish clan's Keeper.


- We don’t mind where’re you from, or if you’re dwarf, Elvhen or human. You’re “vhenallin” for us. You’re “friends of the People”

Class: Mage
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Hair colour: silvery white
Eye colour: amber
Height: 1’62m


Orellis is an older elf, his hair silvery white and his face beginning to show the hints of wrinkles and lines that would, in a human, be the early signs of middle age. In truth, Orellis is the eldest member of his band and has been their Keeper for many years. He knows a great deal about elven history, legends, and religion in particular, and looks after the spiritual needs of his people. Orellis told the agents about the rage demon and the nature of the abomination that calls itself Mythallen.

He’s an open-minded elf compared with many of his kind. Therefore, he offered the agents a token of friendship: a necklace of vhenallin, or “friends of the People.”



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