Wolf-Mane Hold's thane.


- Being cloistered in our holds is an stupid old tradition. Our people must collaborate with outsiders, now more than ever.

Class: Warrior
Age: 52
Gender: Female
Hair colour: blonde
Eye colour: blue
Height: 1’87m


Helga has been working with the Inquisition since it was established. Following the advice of her clan’s augur, Svartgeirr, her people must collaborate with the new organisation so the Lady of the Skies, one of the most revered avvar goddess, could be healed. The Scar in the sky is everyone’s problem, and all living person in Thedas should help to seal it. Under this ideal, Helga has been helping the Inquisition through the Frostback Mountains paths: guiding scouts, escorting supplies and merchants, etc.

Recently it has been a landslide through one of the mountain paths near her hold. They lost contact with her husband, Gudrik, and a group of warriors that were clearing the main roads from demons. After a week trying to open the path again, Helga asked the Inquisition for help. One of her scouts informed that the landslide blocked a way through the mountain from both sides, and he’s afraid Gudrik and his man might be trapped inside. It’s been a week since the collapse when the agents are sent with Sergeant Ghislain and three more Inquisition soldiers to help Helga.



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