Haran and Kesla Mullin

Owners of the Arbor Inn, Vintiver’s inn


The Mullins are the owners and keepers of the Arbor Inn, Vintiver’s sole inn and taproom, and therefore the center of social life in the village. Kesla’s father started the inn and she inherited it, her husband Haran willingly gave up a career as a carpenter to help his wife run the family business, although he still puts his skills to work maintaining and fixing up the inn.

The Mullins are good folk with a live-and-let-live attitude and a belief in hard work, hospitality, and caring for family and neighbours. They are deeply concerned about recent happenings and aggrieved about the loss of people they have known. Kesla in particular keeps her children closer to home, until the matter is resolved. The Mullins’ game stats are not likely to be important in this adventure. Should any tests be necessary on their part, you can assume they have an average level of ability and focuses only concerning matters of inn-keeping, hospitality, and (in Haran’s case) carpentry

Haran and Kesla Mullin

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