Gordon Blackwall

Grey Warden, member of the Inquisitor's team.


- The Inquisition needs all the support it can get, but what can one Grey Warden do?
- Save the fucking world if pressed.

Class: Warrior
Age: 40?
Gender: Male
Hair colour: dark brown
Eye colour: grey
Height: 1’78m


Nothing is known of Gordon Blackwall prior to his recruitment into the Grey Wardens from the city of Cumberland in 9:17 Dragon, but he is said to be one of the few who chose, of his own accord, to undergo the Joining. He is proud of the lives of isolation and valor those of his order lead. In that isolation, he counsels that you have become something more than yourself. He prefers the life of the Warden to any other.

Blackwall’s duties also include recruiting new Wardens. His goal is to help others and act as a shield to his comrades, and this reflects his view of the Grey Wardens as an order of protectors.

The agents can see him often talking with Lady Trevelyan. Too often.


Gordon Blackwall

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