Gaia Amell

Warden-Commander and Heroine of Ferelden.


- You are the ones who have on your hands the faith of this people. It doesn’t matter who am I. The question is: are you ready to risk your own lives in order to save other’s? Are you prepared to be their heroes?

Class: Mage
Background: Circle Mage
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Height: 1’65m
Weight: 58kg
Hair colour: dark red
Eye colour: golden
Distinguishing features: she wears her long hair on a braid.


Born in Lothering, rose in the Calenhad Circle of Magi, where she was conscripted by Grey Warden Duncan. She saved Ferelden ten years ago from the Fifth Blight and became Warden-Commander of the Grey Wardens. After the Blight, she disappeared, with the aim to rebuild the Wardens order. Powerful mage and close to King Alistair.

The Inquisition Agents found her fighting dire wolves near Lothering. In the end, she joined the agents to a mission in Vintiver, where the agents discover her true identity and she met Alistair again after ten years.

Gaia, 10 years ago:


Gaia actually:


Gaia Amell

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