Inquisition agent's spy contact


- Communication is the best weapon.

Class: Rogue
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Hair colour: red
Eye colour: blue
Height: 1’32m


Born in the Anderfels, she’s a natural survivor. Alone with her father, he taught her how to fight and train the family animals: a couple of eagles that helped him since he was young. They earned enough money selling furs and animals they hunted to travel South when the Breach opened. The roads became dangerous, and they were attacked by demons when travelling through Nevarra. Her father died there, and Dagny kept on alone until she met a couple of Inquisition scouts. When they saw her ability with the bow and her eagles, they offered her to join the organisation. She accepted in order to avoid more people being killed by demons.

Always cheerful and enthusiastic, she’s assigned to the agents to make them able to communicate with the Inquisition in any moment during their missions.


Bjarke (male)

Asgar (female)


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