Cullen Rutherford

Inquisitor's military adviser and Commander.


- Inquisition, will you follow? Will you fight? Will you triumph? Your lider, your Herald, your Inquisitor!

Class: Warrior
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Hair colour: blonde
Eye colour: light brown
Height: 1’78m


As most Templar recruits were taken in at a young age, Cullen, at the age of thirteen, was considerably older than the other recruits and less prepared than some. When the time came to take his final vows at the age of eighteen, Cullen was eager to pledge his life in service to the Maker and take the lyrium that would bind him to the Order. He finally achieved his childhood dream to become a Templar when he was assigned to the Circle Tower at Kinloch Hold, under Knight-Commander Greagoir. There, he met the Heroine of Ferelden, Gaia.

After the Blight, Cullen was sent by Knight-Commander Greagoir to the Circle in Kirkwall, where he was promoted to Knight-Captain and second-in-command to Knight-Commander Meredith. He eventually encountered and became a recurring associate of Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall.

Following the Kirkwall Rebellion, Cullen rallied what remained of the city’s templars and restored order. Seeing his potential, Cassandra Pentaghast recruited him into the Inquisition, granting him the rank of Commander. He now leads the military arm of the organisation and serves as the tactical advisor to the Inquisitor.


Cullen Rutherford

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