Comte Neruda's steward.


- You’ve met the man. You’ve seen how he treats those around him. What harm is there to spread his wealth around a little? You’ll take your share, won’t you?

Class: Mage
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Hair colour: dark red
Eye colour: brown
Height: 1’65m


Alenka’s family has served the comte for several generations. This, and her affinity with magic, has enabled her to succeed her uncle’s position as steward. Unfortunately, Alenka soon learned how poorly Neruda treats those in his employ and is less interested than her predecessors in putting up with it. As the opportunity has presented itself for her to be free of the comte and relieve him of some of his money in the process, Alenka isin the process of taking it.

In addition to being the comte’s steward she is also a Circle Mage, on loan from the Circle Tower to the arl, an arrangement possible due to the comte’s political connections. She wears her Circle regalia proudly, understanding that it has an intimidating and unsettling effect among those around her. This effect somewhat offsets her pleasing appearance and welcoming demeanour, however.



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